Blair Buswell

Omaha Wagon Train

      In 2002 Blair undertook the largest project of his sculpting career.  He was asked to be one of 2 sculptors to create a wagon train monument which covers a city block.  At life and 1/4 scale, each wagon and team are as long as an 18 wheel semi-truck.

      Omaha was the jumping off point for three major trails followed during the western migration.  This monument does not single out an exact date or particular pioneer group, rather it is designed to represent all pioneers who made the journey west and populated our great country.

      It was an honor for Blair to create this masterpiece along with long- time friend and fellow sculptor, Ed Fraughton.  These two talented professionals share a love of great art, a talent for creating beautiful sculpture, and both descend from pioneers who made the trip west.

      A documentary film has been produced by professional film makers and is airing on PBS from the distribution of Nebraska Educational Television.  More information can be seen about the project and the documentary at: